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Our Trainings

Our trainings are all designed with our key values at the forefront, and aim to foster curiosity, adaptability and motivation for change. 

With over 25 years experience in the field of neurodiversity, we combine tried and tested strategies with interactive delivery methods and up to date research.


Autism Training

for parents/carers & professionals 

Our standard Autism Training runs through our CATS model, covering:

  • Communication - non-violent communication, broadcasting, and best practices

  • Actions, Routine and Repetition - how routine and predictability can minimise anxiety 

  • Thinking Processes - the effects of cortisol and adrenaline on executive function and the brain

  • Sensory Processing - thinking about tunnel vision and adjusting the sensory environment 

ADHD & Autism Training

for parents/carers & professionals 

Our ADHD and Autism Training covers:

  • The ADHD and Autism paradox 

  • Boundaries, Broadcasting and Balance 

  • Reasonable Adjustments 

ADHD in Adults/ Children

adapted for individuals including young people or parents/carers 

Our ADHD Training covers:

  • Understanding characteristics and unpicking myths 

  • Promoting self regulation 

  • Communication strategies 

Neurodiversity in Women & Girls

for parents/carers & professionals 

Our Neurodiversity in Women & Girls Training covers:

  • Different presentations 

  • Masking behaviours 

  • Navigating a neurotypical world

Mood Matters / Change to Chill

for young people under 14

Our Mood Matters and Time to Chill Trainings cover:

  • Identifying strengths and creating emotional toolkits 

  • Using Social Stories 

  • Behavioural and cognitive strategies for change

Empowering the Adults to Change

for school staff 

Our Empowering the Adults to Change Training covers:

  • Adverse childhood experiences and trauma informed care 

  • The PLACED Model and non-violent communication 

  • Adjustments in teaching style, environments and expectations 

Adverse Childhood Experiences

for individuals/ professionals

Our Adverse Childhood Experiences Training covers:

  • The latest research about contributing factors 

  • Strategies for supporting young people 

  • ACEs and neurodiversity  

Pathological Demand Avoidance

for parents/carers and professionals

Our Pathological Demand Avoidance Training covers:

  • What is PDA 

  • Adapting communication 

  • School avoidance and reasonable adjustments

In 2018, we developed the 12 Step Anxiety Recovery Program - a program of psychosocial education using adapted CBT principles that aims to provide strategies to develop resilience and learn how anxiety can work for you, rather than against you. 

The program has been successfully adapted for young people, individuals with neurodiversity, parents/ carers of anxious children, and professionals working in mental health.

You do not have to be neurodiverse to attend the 12 Step, however it can be successfully adapted for neurodiversity. 

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